NHS e-Referral Service (eRS)

NHS e-Referral Service

  • The NHS e-Referral Service (eRS) (formerly Choose and Book) combines electronic booking with a choice of place, date and time for first hospital or clinic appointments. Patients can choose their initial hospital or clinic appointment, book it in the GP surgery at the point of referral, or later at home on the phone or online.
NHS e-Referral Service Worklist Management Guidance for Primary Care
  • Practices e-RS Worklist Management Responsibilities
  • Practices should regularly review their worklists and act on any outstanding referrals that require further action.
  • The Referral Information and Support Service (TRISH) will not routinely monitor the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) GP worklist, this remains the responsibility of the primary care practice.
NHS e-Referral Service - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Referrers
  • Primary Care colleagues are sometimes faced with situations regarding referrals and may not necessarily know the correct action to be taken. There is an FAQ for Referrers, this is a working document and will be updated when new situations arise or require further clarification.
NHS e-Referral Service - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Patients
  • There is an FAQ for patients who have been referred via the NHS e-Referral Service to a Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust service at Pinderfields, Pontefract or Dewsbury or any other hospital provider.
  • If the patient is referred during their consultation with the GP and the patient leaves the practice with the information to book their appointment, it would be beneficial if the patient also left with the FAQ Leaflet for Patients referred via the NHS e-Referral Service which should reduce the number of patients contacting your practice.
  • If the patient is referred after their consultation, and the Appointment Request is put in the post, it would be helpful to also send a copy of the FAQ's Leaflet for Patients.
What's coming to NHS e-Referral Service
  • October 2018 is the deadline for all consultant led first outpatient appointments to be made using NHS e-Referral Service. The NHS England have published the delivery roadmap which explains the system enhancements and when they are being delivered.
  • They include:
    • enhanced advice and guidance to support 'advice only' services, multiple requests and responses (A&G dialogue) and convert an advice dialogue into a referral
    • referral assessment services to allow a hospital or clinic to receive a referral without an appointment booking to support 'refer now - book later'
    • a new online patient booking service to make it easier for them to book and manage their appointments away from the GP practice

Assurance & Governance

  • This guidance was developed on: 07.2017
  • This guidance was ratified by: The OSCAR Assurance Group
  • Date ratified: 07.2017
  • Publication Date: 07.2017
  • Review Date: 07.2019
  • Ref No: SI4 - 07.2017
Any feedback or suggestions to improve this guidance should be sent to: oscaradmin@this.nhs.uk
Only the electronic version is maintained, once printed this is no longer a controlled document


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