Developing New OSCAR Guidance

  • If you are interested in developing new guidance for OSCAR please see step by step details below

Step One – Proposal

If you are interested in developing new guidance for OSCAR:

  • Contact the OSCAR Lead to discuss the proposed pathway
  • Discuss the principles of OSCAR and pathway development
  • Agree who are the key stakeholders in the development of the guideline
  • Ensure that both the named specialist Clinicians (Primary and Secondary Care) and Commissioners are involved - either can lead the pathway development
  • Discuss the OSCAR Pathway Template and Assurance Process Document
  • Record the proposal on the OSCAR Pathway Mapping

OSCAR Lead Contact Details:

Step Two – Development Process

  • Fully comply with the Pathway Template guidance .
  • Ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged. If not this needs to be escalated to the OSCAR lead.
  • If the template does not match your requirements please discuss this with the OSCAR lead. We endeavour to ensure guideline development is consistent for all OSCAR guidelines however there is an acknowledgement that exceptions can be made with clear rationale noted.
  • Check with the Assurance Process Document that all aspects have been considered prior to circulation for comment.
  • Ensure that the draft has been out to consultation with both Clinical Cabinet and Clinical Strategy group for a period of 2-4 weeks. Ensure there is evidence of all communication and feedback is recorded on the Communication Template.

Step Three – Assurance Process Document

  • Ensure you have full agreement on the final draft with all stakeholders.
  • Ensure all key stakeholders sign off the document.
  • Complete the Assurance Process Document (checklist) and submit to the OSCAR lead.
  • OSCAR lead to complete their section on the assurance document.
  • This will be submitted to the OSCAR Oversight Group (OOG) for verification and completion of their section with a recommendation.

Step 4 - Assurance and Approval Process (Governance)

  • The completed Assurance Process Document with the Pathway will be submitted to IGC at WCCG with a recommendation from OOG.
  • IGC will provide the final approval of the Pathway based on the evidence that a robust assurance process has been completed.
  • This will then be presented to Quality Commttee at NKCCG for information only.


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