Commissioning Statements

Commissioning Policy

  • The NHS Wakefield CCG Commissioning Policy describes the services that the CCGs are responsible for commissioning. It also make reference to specific policies where Referral Criteria, Prior Approval or Individual Funding Requests (IFR) for some conditions may apply. An evidence based approach has been adopted in the development of the Commissioning Policy and the sub policies referenced within it, in order to further improve clinical outcomes for our local population.
  • North Kirklees only - For Individual Funding Requests referral criteria please see Individual Funding Request (IFR) policy below.

Criteria Led - Commissioning Statements

  • These procedures/treatments are routinely funded but have an eligibility criteria that must be met prior to referral
  • Funding for patients who do not meet the eligibility criteria will be considered on an individual basis if the clinical opinion is that there is an exception that warrants deviation from the policy.
  • Individual cases will be reviewed via the CCGs Prior Approval Process in accordance with NHS North Kirklees and NHS Wakefield CCG Commissioning Policy and following completion of the NKW Prior Approval Application Form

Individual Funding Request (IFR) - Referral Criteria


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