Wakefield Community Respiratory Service

The CRS consists of 2 arms:

The Acute Team (PERT) who deal with:

  • Admission avoidance, this is primarily for acute exacerbations of COPD,
  • Early supported discharge for patients admitted acutely with a non -malignant respiratory condition (excluding acute asthma),
  • Specialist home ventilation service (NIV) and
  • Specialist investigations in the patients home such as Tosca's and home sleep studies.

The team operates between 8am and 5pm ( last referral accepted at 4pm) 7 days a week .

To contact the team please ring:

  • Admission Avoidance for health care professionals only 01924 543035
  • Non Admission Avoidance and patient self-referrals for admission avoidance 01924 541827.

The second arm consists of the Non-Acute Respiratory Nursing Team who deliver:

  • Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service,
  • Case management for patients who have repeated admissions to hospital or frequently attend AE,
  • Joint visits with community or primary care staff
  • Medicines Optimisation and
  • Education for example as part of TARGET or Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The team operates between 08.30 – 5.00 Monday to Friday To contact please call 01977 747437 or Fax 01977 747441


Please note:

  • The oxygen provider (Baywater) Helpline 0800 373 580 should be contacted for all Oxygen equipment issues
  • For urgent non equipment oxygen enquiries at Weekends please call (between 8am and 5pm) 01924 543035

Supporting Guidance

  • Click Here for free peer-reviewed learning materials for COPD provided by COPD Exchange
  • Click Here for free eLearning resources across a wide range of clinical areas available to support development within clinical practice.


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