Supporting clinical decision making at the point of care

The Referral Information & Support Hub (TRISH)
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Locally Developed Care Pathways
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The Right Care at the Right Time
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Easy access to evidence based guidance


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Warm Homes Fund
  • The Council has recently launched a new scheme that provides 'first time' gas central heating. Households that are currently using electric storage heaters, coal central heating or room fires may be eligible. The Warm Homes Fund is part of the Council's work to help local residents be warm and healthy in their homes and help reduce the risk of fuel poverty. Work is underway to promote and raise awareness of the scheme so that as many households benefit as possible. Staff are encouraged to spread the word about this new scheme and leaflets and posters are available to promote the Warm Homes Fund and can be sent out on request. The Warm Homes Fund is available for a limited time only.
  • To apply call the Energy Team in Strategic Housing on 01924 305887 or email Further information is available at
Money Smart
  • Launched in September, Money Smart is a new Council initiative that provides a package of advice and support to help local residents save money and maximise their income. Residents can benefit from a range of advice and support, which includes: help to better manage their money and debt, energy advice and grants to improve home energy efficiency, benefit support to check for unclaimed benefits, fuel bill switching and support with training to get back in to work or get a better job. This initiative is a key part of the Council's work to reduce the risk of poverty and improve incomes. Money Smart is a free service and available now. Staff are encouraged to spread the word and leaflets and posters are available to promote Money Smart and can be sent out on request.
  • To apply call the Money Smart Team on 01924 307272 or email Further information is available at
SystmOne - Weight Management Referral Form
  • The Weight Management Referral form can be found using a name search or via the folder structure. It is named Weight Management Referral (Wakefield). To find it within the structure, go to the group (folder) named CHKW Integrated Word. The form sits under this group in the category named Wakefield Council.
Health Optimisation Update (North Kirklees)
Learning Materials
  • We are currently in the process of developing a suite of short multi choice quizzes in partnership with local specialists.The quizzes will highlight and link to existing OSCAR pathways and will help you keep up to date with national and local guidance.The required pass mark is 70%.and a certificate will be issued to support your CPD. If you would like to contribute to the development of the learning materials please contact Dr Debbie Hallott or Dr Indira Kasibhatla for further information
Welcome to the new Clinical Editors
  • We are pleased to announce that Dr Deborah Hallott and Dr Indira Kasibhatla will be joining the Referral Support Service Team as Clinical Editors. They will work with the team to support the development, review and ratification of new and existing clinical guidance, the development of TRISH referral templates and criteria and the development and implementation of Clinical Peer Review


  • Recruitment is also underway for more Band 3s to join the TRISH team


OSCAR Is a clinically led, partnership approach developed to support clinical decision making at the point of care and to:

  • Provide a fixed point for care pathways, clinical guidance and commissioning statements
  • Provide easy access to clear, concise evidence based clinical guidance
  • Ensure the patient receives quality health care at the right place, first time
  • Reduce variation, improve patient safety and support quality outcomes
  • Support the alignment of planned care across the two CCGs


To download the 'OSCAR APP' search for "my-oscar" in the Apple App Store or Google Play or simply follow the links below

OSCAR Structure

  • Home Page - here and will find quick links to both local and national resources
  • Care Pathways - if you click on the tab in the header bar you will see a list of specialities, those marked with an *asterisk contain care pathways and clinical guidance relating to that specialty
  • Policies - clicking on this tab will bring you to all the recently reviewed commissioning statements
  • Information - here you will find the OSCAR template and other helpful documents

Please Note

OSCAR will continue to grow and evolve over time. Click here for promotional information to share with your colleagues
The information provided on this site is for guidance only and does not replace professional knowledge or skills
Only the electronic versions of the guidance is maintained, once printed they are no longer controlled documents
Any comments about the site or feedback about specific guidance can be sent to