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Amanda's Philosophy

Great tasting food can be implicitly good for us. Think about the beautiful, sweet, juicy blackberries that weigh heavily on bramble branches in the Autumn, or the fantastically sweet tomatoes which seem to bring your taste buds alive as you sink your teeth into them on summer holidays in say Italy, Greece or Spain.

But it's not all about fruit and vegetables, which you would expect me to sing the praises of. How about a golden yolked egg cooked to perfection or some fresh sardines thrown on a barbecue and eaten with hot, crunchy bread? The word 'nutrition' these days seems to have become so linked to things you can't have, that we forget it is actually about making the most of all the delicious foods and drinks, which once you have enjoyed the experience of tucking into, go on to provide you with a vast array of vitamins, minerals and super nutrients. These amazing nutrient and plant compounds can then go on to help protect, rejuvenate, build and enhance the way our bodies work and may even affect the way we feel and look from the inside out.

Reconnect With Real Food…

So, it is time to forget focusing solely on the things you shouldn't eat, and to reconnect with real food and start concentrating on things that you actually enjoy.

Make a list or just imagine them and then think of the ways in which you most like them being prepared and served.

I know that 'low fat' this, 'no added sugar' that and 'high fibre' something else has become a regular sight on packets in every supermarket, but whoever it was that created this planet got there long before the marketing people came up with those labels.

Practically all lean meats, fish and vegetables are naturally lowish in fat; fruits from trees, bushes and vines are naturally sweet with no need for added sugar, and foods like wholemeal bread give us fibre as nature intended.

We don't need high-tech ingredients and over-designed labelling to tell us this.

For me 'good' nutrition is a lot about going back to a simple, straightforward way of eating and shaking off much of the diet-obsessed confusion which has hijacked our innate understanding of what is good for us to eat.

I'm here to help you achieve goals you want to achieve…

It may be that you want help to get to and maintain the body weight you desire.

Or that you are looking for some sound research-based information on health issues from irritable bowel syndrome to PMS or gluten intolerance.

Or maybe you need tips on how to eat to in daily life, whether at work or play, to boost anything from energy and immunity to a flagging libido.

Or perhaps you just want to know whether what you eat can improve you skin, hair and nails.

If this is the case, you have come to the right place, because much can be achieved by simply eating the right kind of lip-smackingly good meals and snacks in the right amounts and at the right time.

Take a look around my site and see if the help you need is here and if not, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to help.

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